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"PAWA MULTIPLE FUNCTIONAL STORAGE BOX-Six Charging Combination-typ-C to typ-C- typ-C to Microtyp-C to LightningUSB to typ-CUSB to MicroUSB to Lightning"..
4.00 KD
Ex Tax:4.00 KD
Pawa Wireless Fm Transmitter Car Charger PD 30W FM 16PD30 (Brand-New)Description:T16 PD 30W Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 FM Transmitter Hands free Car Kit MP3 Player fast charger..
6.90 KD
Ex Tax:6.90 KD
PAWA Mini Refrigerator 10L- Capacity: 10L- Strong Cooling - Energy Saving- Dual cooling and heating functions- Suitable for indoor and outdoor- Silent mode design - Cooling Effect: 18-20°C- Heating Effect: 50-65°C - Made of high quality materials- Model: PW10LMR-WH- Brand: PawaIn the ..
26.90 KD
Ex Tax:26.90 KD
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