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Rice Cookers

Delicious Rice At The Touch Of A Switch. • Capacity: 3.2 Litres / 5-17 Cups • Aluminum Inner Pan • Keep Warm Up To 5 Hours • Multi-Cooking: Soup & Stew, Noodles, Rice Dishes, Steam Dishes3.2L Conventional Rice Cooker. Aluminum Inner Pan...
25.90 KD
Ex Tax:25.90 KD
Panasonic Traditional Rice Cooker. 4.2 Liter Capacity (23 Cups Max). 1400 Watts. Keep Warm (5 Hours). Cooking Dish. Stainless Steel Cover...
34.90 KD
Ex Tax:34.90 KD
Panasonic Rice Cooker 1.8L, Aluminum Frying Pan, Hall Mark, Display, Power Input 220V, Steam Plate, Stainless Steel Lid, Wire: Direct Measuring Cup, Power Consumed Is 600W Auto Cooking Feature...
10.90 KD
Ex Tax:10.90 KD
Brand: Panasonic Model: Sr-W22Gswth 2.2 Liter Capacity Power Consumption: 730 Watts Automatic Cooking. 5 Hours. Keep Warm Feature. Aluminum Frying PanClear Steaming Basket. Stainless Steel Cover. Cover HolderIec Safety Standards. ..
12.90 KD
Ex Tax:12.90 KD
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